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Our Eye Doctors

Eye care professionals specialize in understanding how the human eye really works, as well as diseases and conditions that affect your vision – many of which do not have obvious symptoms. Eye doctors know how age and risk factors affect vision over time for young and old, and they understand the benefits and features of corrective lenses including eyeglasses and contacts.

Our optometrists take the time to explain the results of your eye exam, describe your options and listen to your eye care needs. Because maintaining good eye health is an ongoing partnership, we encourage you to ask questions and share your health information, which could be vital to monitoring, diagnosing and treating potential vision problems.

Meet our doctors:


Dr. Daniel H. Isaac, O.D.

Daniel H. Isaac, O.D., received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Binghamton University in 1978, his Bachelor of Science degree from The Pennsylvania College of Optometry (Salus University) in 1980, and his Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) from PCO./Salus University in 1983. He has been practicing
in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for more than 30 years. He is an active member of the American Optometric Association, New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians as well as the West Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians.

Dr. Isaac’s philosophy of practice has been focused on the education of his patients. It has always been his view that a patient who has a thorough understanding of their medical status, will take better care of his/her health and vision. Dr. Isaac feels that it is very important to include the patient in the decision making process regarding their treatment options.

Dr. Isaac believes that patients should be able to benefit from the most up-to-date technology; whether it is the latest in contact lens materials, or the newest technology for the determination of a glasses prescription. This same dedication to advanced eye care extends to the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and dry eye syndrome.

His current professional areas of interest include contacts lenses and the diagnosis and treatment of anterior segment ocular diseases.

Dr. Isaac lives with his wife, a psychologist, and his two daughters in Montgomery County, PA. He holds a private pilot’s license and enjoys hiking and biking.


Dr. David Sollenberger, O.D.

Dr. David Sollenberger is a graduate of Temple University. He received his Doctor of Optometry degree in 1999 from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He is trained and certified in the management of ocular diseases and has practiced comprehensive optometry in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He decided to study optometry after learning about macular degeneration, a disease that severely affected a grandparent. He values interacting with and educating patients about their examination findings and prevention of ocular diseases. He enjoys music of all types and reading, especially early American history. He lives in Camden County with his wife.


Dr. Tammy Schuler, O.D.

Dr. Tammy Schuler has practiced Optometry in Southern New Jersey for the last 15 years. Her special interests include primary eye care and contact lenses evaluation fitting. She has been trained in the diagnosis and treatment of anterior segment disease and glaucoma, the diagnosis and post-operative care of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Dr. Schuler’s primary goal is to evaluate patient needs and recommend treatment to achieve optimal results and provide outstanding patient care. She encourages her patients to take a proactive role in their care and is a strong proponent of patient education. Dr. Schuler is, herself, among the visually happy post-LASIK patients and uses this experience to extend personal knowledge associated with the procedure and its outcome. As a result, many of her patients have experienced the benefits of the LASIK procedure.

After attaining her Bachelor of Science from Cook College, Rutgers University, Dr. Schuler received her Doctor of Optometry degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (Salus University). During her optometric training she studied at the college’s Feinbloom Center for Low Vision and Pediatric Services. She interned at Einstein Hospital Department of Ophthalmology where she earned honors for her study of ophthalmic diseases and treatments and research on “Nutritional Amblyopia”, exploring the ocular manifestations of alcoholism.

Dr. Schuler is an avid equestrian and animal lover. She resides in Southern New Jersey with her husband and three children.