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Advanced Vision Consultants Offers Ortho-k in Moorestown, Marlton, Deptford & Cherry Hill

Ortho-k is a contemporary, cutting-edge way to enjoy sharp vision without wearing glasses or daytime contact lenses. It does not involve surgery, and even people who have been wearing prescription glasses for years can benefit from this revolutionary method of vision correction.

Ortho-k can be a dream come true for many people who are tired of wearing eyewear. It allows you to leave your home in the morning with nothing on your eyes and still see all the details of your surroundings. To learn more about this way to correct vision, schedule an appointment with our ortho-k specialist in Cherry Hill, New Jersey or any of our offices. At Advanced Vision Consultants, we are pleased to offer orthokeratology in all four of our optometry practice locations.

What is ortho-k?

Orthokeratology refers to wearing specialized rigid gas permeable lenses as you sleep; you insert them before bedtime. Throughout the night, these contact lenses will gently flatten your cornea, thereby correcting any refractive error. Upon awakening, your myopia (nearsightedness) will be temporarily corrected. The effects of ortho-k usually last only a few days at a time. That’s why the lenses must be worn every night. Most of our patients who use ortho-k in Deptford Township, New Jersey, notice results almost immediately, yet the full effects on vision are usually experienced only after a few weeks.

Am I a good candidate for ortho-k?

  • Orthokeratology is usually suitable for anyone with mild to moderate nearsightedness and healthy eyes.
  • Best results with orthokeratology are typically experienced by people with a lens power less than -6.00 diopters and astigmatism less than -1.75 diopters.
  • Age makes no difference, and ortho-k lenses can be very effective as a means of myopia control in kids.
  • Active individuals and people who play a lot of sports particularly appreciate the benefits of ortho-k, as it eliminates the nuisance of wearing bulky eyewear.
  • People who live or spend a lot of time in dry, dusty or windy atmospheres find the comfort of ortho-k to be superior over standard contact lenses.

How to choose an ortho-k specialist?

Only a trained eye care provider can properly fit and prescribe orthokeratology. To select the right ortho-k specialist for you, it’s important to look for an eye doctor with extensive professional experience and top skills. Our eye doctors fit many patients expertly with orthokeratology in , New Jersey and all Advanced Vision Consultants offices.

Ortho-k fittings are more complicated than standard contact lenses eye exams, and a series of eye exams is usually needed. During your personalized fitting sessions, our ortho-k specialist in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, will provide you with a variety of lenses to try until the perfect fit is found.

Does ortho-k hurt?

Vision shaping with orthokeratology is painless, safe, and reversible – and advanced materials and modern technology have eliminated the discomfort caused by old-fashioned hard lenses. Additionally, ortho-k lenses are only worn while sleeping – so you won’t feel a thing!

Regarding side effects, at the beginning you may see halos or glare around lights, but these symptoms will dissipate quickly.

What if I change my mind after using ortho-k?

No worries. Orthokeratology is totally reversible. Within a few months after you stop inserting the ortho-k lenses at night, the original shape of your cornea will be restored naturally. At that point, if you want LASIK or another refractive eye surgery, it’s fine – just tell your surgeon exactly when you stopped wearing ortho-k.

Visit us to find out more about ortho-k in Deptford Township, Cherry Hill, , and Marlton.